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Individual Therapy

Integrative approach supporting adults with skills for psychological well-being and mindful embodiment practices.

Integrative Approach

I have extensive experience supporting individuals with a variety of mental health concerns, life adjustments/changes, and relational difficulties that impede their overall sense of well-being.  I honor the importance of individualized approaches tailored to the needs and capabilities of each client.  While I often weave in skills-based modalities that support cognitive flexibility, emotion regulation and effective communication strategies, my foundational approach is rooted in a mindful somatic modality that supports an individual's sense of safety and embodiment.  


​I believe therapy can reconnect a person to their inner wisdom and intuition that is foundational to what they know about themselves, their experience and their needs.  By helping to create 'movement in the system' by way of emotional, cognitive and somatic interventions, people can become less stuck and unsure about their path forward.  


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